What You Need to Know About Cryotherapy



Cryotherapy also is known as cryosurgery is the use of extremely low temperatures in the treatment of different conditions. A liquid or an instrument is commonly used to freeze body cells and destroy them because they are abnormal. Technology has made it widely available to dermatologists aiding the treatment of lesions.

However, while using cryotherapy for treatment, there are precautions you need to take to prevent destroying some body tissues. The face, the skin underlying nerves, eye corners, the border between lips and the skin around the nose are some of the areas in danger if you use cryotherapy. Malignant melanoma lesions suspicions should be referred to surgery. The same case applies to a basal cell that has reoccurred. Also, diabetic patients who have growths on their lower limbs should be considered for other alternatives other than cryotherapy.


Types of Cryotherapy.


Whole body cryotherapy is used when almost all body parts are subjected to low temperatures mostly to cure sleep issues and injuries.


Internal cryotherapy is used in the treatment of internal body parts by using freezing agents coupled with laparoscopic means of surgery. This is applicable when the patient has some cancer.


Heart surgery cryotherapy. It is useful in open heart surgeries to slow body processes and the heart stopping without damage of the brain. It works best on children.


Localized cryotherapy is the simplest because it is used by more physicians by applying a freezing agent in the treatment of certain skin disorders like warts and skin cancer.


Benefits of Cryotherapy.


There are many health benefits brought about by cryotherapy.


Prevention of cancer and its treatment

Cryotherapy can destroy unwanted cells in the body through freezing and cancer cells are not an exception. The procedure is applied to cervical cancer and skin cancer mostly, but it can also treat prostate and kidney cancer.


Cryotherapy probes are used in deep within tissues when treating precancerous and cancerous cells while a swab is used to apply liquid nitrogen to surfaces.


Pain relief

To ease pain from nerve conditions, cryotherapy probe plays the role about relieving the pain. In cases of arthritis pain, whole body cryotherapy is applicable. In both cases, the procedure works by stopping the pain caused by inflammation. Muscle soreness caused by practice in athletes can also be relieved by whole body cryotherapy.


Weight loss

The whole body cryotherapy subjects the body into a sudden drop in temperature leading to a boost in metabolic rates thus burning calories and consequently loss of weight.


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